Sales & Marketing Solutions to Engage Retailers & Shoppers


Why Use the Infinity Marketing Group

In these times of headcount reductions and operational challenges outsourcing your Sales, Marketing and General Management needs to The Infinity Marketing Group is a smart business decision for a number of reasons:

  • Expertise – The resources at TIMG give you the opportunity to access knowledge, experience and executive contacts developed over many years in the CPG industry.
  • Not Just Consulting - We offer much more than a consulting perspective. The true value of TIMG lies in our ability to supply a wide range of services without the overhead. Think of us as your shared Sales and Marketing resource.
  • Unbiased Opinion – There are times when an “outsider’s” viewpoint brings clarity to a complex situation. TIMG has been involved in formulating strategic business recommendations, developing Marketing and Sales plans, launching new products and overcoming business challenges. We can help you consider and evaluate all options.
  • Access to Senior Thought Leaders – TIMG has adopted a philosophy of maintaining a limited client base in order to provide you with the advantage of our leadership team’s wealth of experience on a day-to-day basis. We are dedicated to the success of your business.
  • Cost Efficient Business Support – The executive leadership of TIMG brings you in-depth strategic thinking and industry contacts established over a 30+ year period. You will capture all the value of our expertise at a fraction of the cost of adding internal staff.
  • Up-Front Alignment on Deliverables – Prior to initiating work for any client, TIMG will ensure we have a complete understanding of goals, objectives and scope of work. Assignments will be tailored to the needs of our business partners.