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Jim McCabe

Jim McCabe was a very valuable resource to our company as we reviewed our go to market strategy in the Egg Category. Jim helped us size market and channel opportunities, and predict barriers to entry for each channel of distribution. He then worked with us as we developed solutions to overcome channel specific barriers. His knowledge and experience in the Grocery Retail, Club Store, Mass Merchandise, Drug, and Food Service channels proved invaluable to our company. In addition, his experience in leading both broker and direct selling teams helped us greatly as we developed and executed sales strategies to achieve our goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim to any company looking for outstanding sales and marketing consulting help.

Stephen G Hagopian,Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Egg Innovations

“Jim and I go a ways back. Our careers paralleled each other for about 20 years. During that time we worked together in a few business situations. Jim always impressed me with his attitude, proactive behavior, committment, energy, integrity, determination and great sense of self. I could always count on Jim's delivering whatever was the challenge of the moment. He was a leader. a self starter and skilled professional. It is with pride and pleasure I highly recommend Jim McCabe.” March 26, 2009

Bob Livingston, Vice President of Sales, Thomas J. Lipton
Worked with Jim at Unilever

Jim is an exceptional businessman wrapped in the skin of a great salesman. That's a great combination. Jim is highly competitive and is motivated by achieving the goal/closing the sale. However, he doesn't give the store away. Jim clearly understands that the object is to make money. He is schooled in understanding P&Ls and cost structures, not just sales incentives. As a result he was an excellent leader who could teach both the sales and profitability elements of the business. Jim was always thinking ahead and evaluating how his next move would impact the future. He is capable of leading organizations and his team would enjoy the experience. Jim is a good guy who knows how to deal with people and move an organization forward.” April 21, 2009

Bob Hoyler, SVP Diversified Businesses, Keebler Company
Managed Jim at Keebler Company

Donna McCabe

I had the opportunity to work closely with Donna for several years at Kraft and saw her marketing expertise and leadership demonstrated across many roles.

Donna has excellent team leadership skills and provides both the vision and the direction that allows her teams to achieve impressive results. I saw her manage both internal teams of promotion managers and cross-functional with equal skill. She is extremely good at realizing the potential within each person on her team and providing the guidance to see that individual succeed. She also knows how to balance the strengths and opportunity areas across a group to get the best results.

She has a tremendous drive and passion to achieve her results. She quickly adapts to challenges and always finds a solution to overcome hurdles. Every year that Donna worked with me, she met and usually exceeded her goals. And she did it within her budget and timelines.

Her strategic skills are particularly strong. She was instrumental in developing a number of strategic initiatives aimed at building loyalty among Kraft Foods' consumers. To do this well, she had to understand the strategic issues across a number of different categories and find a common platform to leverage the portfolio. Her strategic focus is one of the key reasons these programs were successful.

Donna is one of the most creative and innovative people I know. She was always looking for solutions that pushed the business to new and more effective ways to market our products. She championed a number of successful partnerships and alliances that built business and improved marketing effectiveness. She has an excellent eye for creative and always provided strong feedback to agencies on creative work. The agencies loved working with Donna because they felt both challenged and appreciated.

I am happy to provide further perspective on Donna. I consider her to be an extremely talented marketer and a successful leader.

Linda Crowder, Senior Director-Peapod Interactive at Peapod, LLC
Managed Donna at Kraft Foods

Donna is a passionate manager with excellent strategic thinking and planning skills, keen attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of consumers, shoppers and retailers. Donna is a team player and knows how to navigate a matrixed organization. She has a grasp of the "big picture" and is a pleasure to work with.

Kelly Downey, Vice President, Digital and Shopper Solutions at Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Managed Donna at Kraft Foods